Terra Maestricht

An complete, modular tile programme

Royal Mosa Terra Maestricht Porcelain Floor and Wall Tiles
Royal Mosa Terra Maestricht
Royal Mosa Terra Maestricht
Royal Mosa Terra Maestricht
Royal Mosa Terra Maestricht

The complete, modular tile programme Terra Maestricht® is entirely geared to the requirements that architects set for tiles. Extremely comprehensive regarding size, colour, surface finish and accessories, Terra Maestricht is even available with LED lighting. The tiles are suitable for walls, floors and facades, inside and out. Terra Maestricht tiles are made of pure porcelain, which means they are rock-hard, scratch-resistant, durable and rust proof. In other words, they are made to last. The entire programme carries the Cradle to Cradle® Silver certificate.

A wide range of colours

Terra Maestricht is available in a wide range of colours and shades, from cool to warm. The unique, natural colour gradations of Terra Maestricht is the result of Mosa’s unique technological pigment process, with one colour more pronounced than the other.

Two surface finishes

Terra Maestricht is available in two surface finishes. The smooth, matt sort (V and VV) is fine-grained and looks powder like. This emphasises its purely ceramic character but also provides a functional roughness that makes the tile suitable for just about every application. The tiles with a relief structure (RL and RM) have a more robust appearance. Their roughness makes them ideal for exterior application and wet areas. Terra Maestricht tiles are fully sintered and of pure porcelain quality. This makes them extremely strong, colour fast, scratch resistant and water, weather and frost proof. 

Modular sizes

Terra Maestricht is available from XXS (mosaics) to XXL. Square, rectangular or in planks. In many different sizes. For walls, floors and facades. The tiles can be laid in endless combinations. And, if you wish, with minimal grouting. Its appearance and versatility have made Terra Maestricht an instant classic that gives every space a timeless yet industrial air.

Rectified and extremely dimensionally stable

Terra Maestricht tiles are very even and rectified, which makes them extremely dimensionally stable, requiring minimal grouting. The powder like, matt finish of these unglazed tiles is both extremely attractive and timelessly contemporary. All of these characteristics make Terra Maestricht an innovative tile concept for today’s architect.

Inside and out

The integral, modular tile programme Terra Maestricht is suitable for walls, floors and facades, inside and out. Terra Maestricht tiles are made of pure porcelain, which means they are rockhard, scratch resistant, durable and frost proof. In other words, they are made to last.

Subtle shades with Terra Tones

This series is the innovative addition to the modular, integral tile programme Terra Maestricht. Terra Tones is a set of three tiles in a single colour group. These colour groups are grey-green (215), mid grey (206), anthracite (216) and cool black (203). Each set comprises a light tone (X), a mid-tone (Y) and a dark tone (Z), supplied in equal quantities (in m²). Mixing the tones creates amazing ceramic surfaces. To provide inspiration, the Mosa Design Team has produced various tile patterns that show off the Terra Tones effect at its best. Terra Tones has a subtle, even, powder like surface (V). These unglazed tiles are resistant to wear, frost and weather. And they’re strong. The natural vitality can be further emphasised by using different sized tiles: available as standard in 60 x 60 cm and planks in 5 x 60, 10 x 60, 15 x 60 and 30 x 60 cm. Various sizes are available on request. Terra Tones is rectified and extremely dimensionally stable, enabling narrow joints (≥ 2 mm). The collection carries the Cradle to Cradle Silver certificate. 


The extremely even, rectified porcelain XXL tiles are extraordinarily large and magnificent, in the sizes 60 x 120 and 90 x 90 cm. The XXL series has been extended with the addition of a 100 x 100 cm tile. The 20, 30 and 40 x 120 cm planks are also an innovation in the tile industry. In combination with narrow joints, they lend walls and floors a completely new dimension. Minimalistic and yet luxurious, inside or out. 

Tile patterns

Different sizes, colours and tile patterns can accentuate the aesthetic qualities of every space. The Mosa Design Team has developed various tile patterns that do full justice to the possibilities afforded by this collection. The interplay of lines between tile and joint results in intriguing surfaces. The variations are numerous and provide a fresh vision on walls and floors.

XXS mosaics

A pure matt finish and unique gradations in grain characterise the unique appearance of the smallest size of Terra Maestricht. Square (2.3 x 2.3 cm) or rectangular (7 x 2.3 cm): every pure ceramic mosaic block is finished with a bevelled edge that provides sleek elegant lines. The 30 x 30 cm sizes are fully modular with other Terra sizes. These high-quality, functional tiles are the perfect basis for monolithic surfaces.

Integrated LED lighting

Terra Maestricht is available with integrated LED lighting that enables aesthetic or functional accents in walls and floors. These patented Terra LED tiles are of the same quality and dimensions as the regular Terra tiles. They are placed directly into the adhesive bed and can be used inside or outside.

A comprehensive range: steps, shower drains, skirting and more

Terra Maestricht, also includes special tiles for stairways, shower drains, skirtings, showers and facades. Mosa also supplies tailor-made accessories such as blind guidance tiles in which inlays or recesses can be formed.

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