Solid staying power

Royal Mosa Solids Porcelain Floor and Wall Tiles
Royal Mosa Solids
Royal Mosa Solids
Royal Mosa Solids
Royal Mosa Solids
Royal Mosa Solids
Royal Mosa Solids
Royal Mosa Solids
Royal Mosa Solids

A Solid implies a material that is strong, retains its original shape or texture and maintains its intrinsic value. The Mosa Solids collection has translated these properties into a line of tiles with robust physical and functional characteristics. Solids reflects Mosa’s ambition to produce contemporary and authentic porcelain surfaces that offer affordable, comprehensive solutions to architects and designers.

Pure Ceramics

A unique production process gives each tile an exclusive texture and colour formation. The mixing process and the natural movement of the different-sized grains when falling have been embodied in a tile. A combination of spray-dried granulates and fine and coarse flakes are pressed and fired at high temperatures to create a tile that offers recognisable durability - an ideal solution for high traffic areas.
Arranged over small and large areas, the series of tiles translate into one porcelain skin. Just as in a natural environment, subtle differences in colour bring depth and a delicious variation to create a more active, dynamic surface.

Robust Texture

Each tile in the Mosa Solids collection has been assigned its texture. The variations in spray-dried granulate, fine and coarse flakes create a visual sense of depth where the tile can appear both soft and rough, although its actual physical finish is smooth.

Twelve Natural Colours

The Mosa Solids collection consists of twelve colours that draw on natural tones to bring warmth and depth to a floor, wall or facade. Each tile consists of a medium and dark shade or a medium and light shade. The result is a tiled surface that features a well-balanced interplay of light, medium and dark nuances of colour.
Six of the twelve colours accentuate the more earthy shades: vivid white, clay grey, agate grey, stone grey, basalt grey and graphite black. The remaining six colours offer opportunities to create a more expressive and colour-intensive surface: sand beige, deep ochre, rust red, jade grey, forest grey and earth brown.

Solids Tile Sizes

The Mosa Solids series has been created to adapt to both small and large-scale applications. The standard tile size is 60 x 60 cm. Mosa Solids is also available in various plank sizes and a larger size of 90 x 90 cm. Mosa Solids is therefore also a cost-effective option: the natural transition of colours and textures create the illusion that the individual tile size is larger. Smaller tile sizes offer a wide range of possibilities in creating a diversity of patterns and enabling a dynamic effect to be retained in smaller spaces as well.

Grids and Patterns

Some pattern options can be used to create unlimited atmospheres in spaces of all sizes on floors as well as walls. Some grids based on rectangular dimensions have been designed for Mosa Solids as a source of inspiration. The Mosa Pattern Generator, a simple and effective online tool, was developed to assist architects and designers in creating a pattern, comparing options and saving the results.

Rough or Smooth

Mosa Solids offers two surface solutions: smooth and microrelief (MR). The latter is ideal for high-traffic areas such as train stations and airports, where additional grip and non-slip become vital details in the design, as well as its low maintenance costs. Mosa Solids tiles are extraordinarily wear and impact-resistant, making them extremely durable and functional.

High Traffic

Mosa Solids with a microrelief and non-slip surface contribute to increased functionality in high traffic areas that require special solutions. Tests have shown that even in heavy use over a long duration, the tiles remain durable in their grip.

Surface Texture

The series is available in both smooth and microrelief surfaces. The microrelief structure is barely visible to the naked eye and shows optimal performance in its non-slip and cleaning properties.

Solids Tile Accessories

As well as the tiles, there are some accessories available to support the collection, such as stair-treads and skirtings. Mosa offers project-specific solutions to create aesthetic and practical results that also comply with national and locally imposed building regulations.

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