Scene that, must do it 

Royal Mosa Scenes Ceramic Floor and Wall Tiles
Royal Mosa Scenes
Royal Mosa Scenes
Royal Mosa Scenes
Royal Mosa Scenes
Royal Mosa Scenes

A scene evokes emotions. It has the ability to capture, create and recreate moments. The Mosa Scenes collection is designed to create emotive environments by placing floor tiles of different tones and textures together - to build up a scene through the tiles itself. Mosa Scenes comes in eight colour groups, each group has been assigned four different textures. No tile is the same, providing endless options for architects to design a space with a distinct personality. The collection functions in small and large areas, relying on its visual identity to create a distinctive setting in any type of space.

Naturally Created

The Mosa Scenes collection has been designed as a unique, cost-effective and complete solution for architects and designers to efficiently create unparalleled environments. Every tile has its own identity so in any combination, a scene is created by default. This results in a collection that has an easy design process that allows for patterns to be created naturally thanks to the tiles’ convenient, easily manageable dimensions and subtly coordinated shades of colour. The Mosa Scenes collection can function at limitless scales, from bathrooms and housing applications to hospitality and retail areas.

Size and Scale

Tiles in the Mosa Scenes collection are 15 x 15 cm. The size of the tile visually creates instant connections with adjacent tiles and this relationship spreads into a new, larger surface.
In a small space, the tile size offers the ability to create a rich build-up of tones and textures at small distances. Large-scale applications also benefit from the tile size as the shades appear to converge even more effectively and an even livelier sense of depth is created.

Expressive Designs

Just as in a natural environment, the gradual build-up of colours, tones and textures adds depth and life to a space. The Scenes collection simulates this concept with ceramic tiles that lend expression to a floor or wall and imprint a subtle or more energetic identity to a space as individual items or in elegant combinations.

Four Textures

By sight, the fine-granular tiles create a softer visual against the larger granular tiles. The play of textures creates subtle nuances in the overall pattern and is inspired by the natural textures of the soil.

Variegated Scene

The variegated Scenes tile can be installed in various ways to create soft or intense environments. Many patterns can be created with small and large dimensions in one of the atmosphere enhancing grids.
Filling the grid randomly automatically creates a pattern and scene with a particular atmosphere, depending on the selected tones and textures. Combining the tiles in a more ordered and rhythmic layout can create a quite distinct scene.

Random Scene

Combining three tiles from a colour group - where a gradual soft build-up of the scene can be imagined - can give elegant and subtle effects. To create a more vivid and expressive atmosphere, the fourth tone from the colour set can be added. This breaks the continuity of the other tones, allowing the designer or architect to be livelier with the ambience they want to create.

Textured Tile Surface

Along with a smooth surface, Mosa Scenes tiles are available in a microrelief surface (MR). This solution is available in all eight colour groups in the grain texture. The microrelief structure is barely visible to the naked eye and shows optimal performance in its non-slip and cleaning properties. The physical characteristics of the tiles meet private and public building regulations. It is ideal for use in wet areas where additional grip is beneficial providing a safe and durable result.

Tile Accessories 

The Scenes collection includes a range of accessories that provide functional and aesthetic value in creating a complete solution. For example, a special coved skirting is available to create a smooth wall-floor transition, and a wide range of white matt or glossy Mosa wall tiles can be used to add the finishing touches to the scene.

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