Tile Installation Guidelines

Detail fitting guidelines for ceramic and stone tiles can be found in the following British Standards:

  • BS:5385-3:2007 Wall and floor tiling –Part 3: Design and installation of internal and external ceramic and mosaic floor tiling in normal conditions – Code of practice. Descriptors: Tiling, Construction operations, Flooring tiles, Mosaic flooring, Ceramics, Design, Installation, Maintenance, Grouting, Floor beds, Durability, Performance, Screeds (floors), Protection against water from the ground, Joints, Mixing, Thickness, Adhesives, Weather Resistance, Movement joints, Cleaning, Size, Dimensional tolerances, Impact testing, Floors, Mosaics, Anti-slip surfaces.
  • BS EN 12002:2002 Adhesives for tiles. Determination of transverse deformation for cementitious adhesives and grouts. Descriptors: Adhesives, Ceramics, Tiles, Flooring tiles, Wall tiles, Cement mortar, Grouting, Construction Materials, Mechanical testing, Transverse, Deformation.

Everything you need to know about fitting floor and wall tiles is in these two standards. If you have some tiles fitted, ask your Tiler to fit them in accordance with these British Standards.

If you are unfortunate to be having problems with a previous tile installation then appoint an expert from The Tile Association who will refer to these standards in any final report.

Read Mosa XXL Fitting Guidelines on Floors and Walls for further practical guidelines on fitting large format Mosa tiles.