Lain Matt Optic White

Optic White Matt EcoLacquer, Mr Popular

Filo Lain 33 Optic White EcoLacquer, Handle-less Italian Kitchen, Laminate White Worktop with 33° Edge
Euromobil Lain Light Oak Modern Contemporary Handleless Fitted Italian Kitchen Cabinets Design Ideas Optic White and Orange Handles with Laminate Worktop

Lain Light Oak Italian Kitchen Optic White

The most popular kitchen finish for Innerform clients; Optic White Matt EcoLacqer made from water-based Eco-Friendly paints. 

Plinths in matching Optic White paint.

Finger-recess (handles) in Terracotta (orange) paint.

Kitchen tall units thermostructured elm sand laminate.

Suspended kitchen peninsula is a popular alternative to an island when space is tight. 

Note, the open shelves next to wall units with orange painted shelves and back panel.

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