Innerform Collections

Euromobil has built up over the years a very comprehensive collection of kitchen models and finishes, which caters both for the domestic Italian market and the international export market. At first sight, it seems confusing, but Innerform has distilled the models.

Popular Kitchen Models

  • Innerform works with a refined collection of Euromobil kitchen models that appeal to the contemporary taste of our local English market.
  • Antis and Lain in the handle-less (Filo) configuration appeal to Innerform clients. By the way, Filo translates to handle-less in Italian; hence Filo Antis means handle-less Antis.
  • The Kubic and Free Steel models are appealing but at a premium price are often replaced with Antis or Lain. Kubic glass wall cabinets in a living area, adjacent to a kitchen often find a place.
  • Optic White in either matt or glossy lacquer with matching white finger recess (handles) and plinths is the most popular panel finish. Followed by other shades of white, like Magnolia, for the clean, minimal, contemporary kitchen look.
  • A combination of wood veneer on a kitchen island or peninsula with a complementary lacquer on a run of base units or tall units is also popular.
  • A hint of colour in a wall cabinet or shelf is often added as an interesting highlight.

Design Trends to Note

  • Antis and Lain's designs incorporate the latest trend for low 80 mm plinths and 33° profiles on the open door or drawer panel edge. Note: Filo Antis 33 has a 33° profile on the top edge.
  • Antis is available with 45° profiles on vertical side panels and along the door or drawer panel edge allowing for clean, minimal lines on a kitchen island, peninsula or end of run configuration.
  • Recessed plinths around a kitchen island or end of run creating a light, floating impression.

How to Choose

  • Study the Euromobil Kitchen Collections for design inspiration, layout ideas, details, and functionality.
  • Study the Kitchen Portfolios for real life interpretations.